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Crypto payment gateway

Purpose of cryptocurrency payment gateways

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a modular software component that authorizes and processes crypto-currency payments on the blockchain network for interaction with smart contracts, pay for services, deposits, and online merchants. A cryptocurrency payment gateway facilitates the smooth and valid passage of such transactions by encrypting sensitive data and transferring it between the payment portal (website or mobile device) and the blockchain network.

Application of payment gateways

  • Initialization of the smart contract logic;
  • Depository system for exchanges and exchangers;
  • Identification of payments by creating unique addresses for each payment acceptance;
  • Validation of cryptocurrency payments;
  • Automation of receiving and withdrawing funds;
  • Secure and fault-tolerant storage systems for cryptocurrencies;
  • Interaction of cryptocurrency and fiat payments.

The result of our work

  • Designing cryptocurrency gateways according to your business requirements;
  • Drafting up regulations for the storage of cryptocurrency funds within the system;
  • Preparation of technical documentation for the operation of the architecture of payment gateways;
  • Creation of separate modules for monitoring transactional errors;
  • Automatic balancing of the total amount of funds between hot and cold wallets;
  • Design of a server architecture for the smooth operation of the system.